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Dust off those books, pack away those pencil cases and strap into your lifejackets - it's time for a history lesson 21st century style!

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Stuck in Science? Horrible in History? Failing French?

Thames Rockets invites you to throw away the rulebook and join us in a classroom like no other.

Learning is as much about the journey as it is the destination. So close those musty books, zip up those pencil cases and join us in a super speedy semester that will stick with you for life! We’ll introduce you to the 2000 years of fire and plague, kings and queens, lives and deaths that will even have your history teacher horrified! Meet all the greats from Henry VIII to good queen Liz, Shakespeare to Churchill and Beckham to Boris. Witness the stories that have shaped this amazing city all from the comfortable cushioned seats of your very own Thames Rocket.

You heard correctly – ROCKET!

Once clear of London Tower Bridge it’s time to clear your minds with a 30 knot flight around the Docklands. Jump, bump and whoosh over the other boats wakes in the greatest gold star for all of your hard learning. This is a lesson that will stick with you for life!

Our 5 Rockets have done their homework and are on time ready to lift you up to the next grade.

There is no better way to learn about the capital’s history than a river Thames cruise. This is learning 21st century style.

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