Committed to your Safety

On each and every Thames Rocket ride we hold the upmost respect and unswerving commitment to safety. Our passenger’s safety and comfort are the most important element, their enjoyment a very close second.

Commited to your safety

On each and every Thames Rocket ride we hold the upmost respect and unswerving commitment to safety. Our passenger’s safety and comfort are the most important element, their enjoyment a very close second.

Being the top provider of speedboat rides in the United Kingdom along with the original provider in London we are in the unique position of setting the standards others now follow.

We believe in transparency – so if you would like copies of our insurance we will happily send this to you before you step on board. The same applies for Risk Assessments and Domestic Safety Management Codes. All available to view when requested.

Naturally we work closely with the Maritime Accident Investigation Bureau, constantly introducing new safety codes and pushing the boundaries to safely improve and analyse how the industry can succeed in balancing commercial considerations whilst reducing risk to as low as practicable.

As such, we are unable to accommodate expectant mothers at any stage of pregnancy.

We do not recommend our experiences for anyone with past or current back, neck or heart conditions. We do not claim to be medical experts and cannot offer guidance on individual cases. Should you have concerns about participating in our speedboat adventures we would advise not to for your own comfort and welfare.


The Thames Rockets Domestic Safety Management Code (DSMC) strictly operates clear procedures including regular:

  • Risk assessments
  • Emergency drills and procedure training
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Search and rescue plans

An external marine management company regularly review Thames Rockets DSMC.

Thames Rockets are also licensed and regulated by the Port of London Authority (PLA).

Safety equipment

On every Thames Rockets speedboat experience we hold all the latest safety equipment all cleared by our Domestic Safety Management Code.

Adults Automatic Lifejackets

Every adult passenger on board is fitted with the latest range in automatic lifejackets. Upon contact with water they automatically deploy, and also are backed up with a manual inflation toggle. Comfortable, modern and completely adjustable you can feel in safe hands whenever wearing on board. Lights and whistles installed as standard.

Children’s Automatic Lifejackets

Only the best and most reliable automatic children’s lifejackets are provided, each with an additional under-passage strap to secure every fitting. Similar to the adult lifejackets each is rigged to inflate automatically in water, with a back-up manual inflation toggle handily placed should it be needed. Lights and whistles installed as standard.


Lightweight and comfortable, our toddler buoyancy aids are designed to fit snugly around the cuddliest of toddlers. Full waving ability ensured your little ones are in perfect hands in these little orange numbers.

Our lifejackets are serviced annually and supplied by leading sailing suppliers Ocean Safety.

VHF radio is in use constantly on board our Rockets. Communication with the Port of London Authority, Wapping River Police and the RNLI mean we are never in a position where our safety is compromised. We have assisted emergencies on the water several times, and are well respected in the community and are committed to offer assistance whenever possible ensuring a safe working environment for everyone.

Insurance, skippers and guides


Thames Rockets are insured by Knighthood Corporate Marine Insurers. Full Public Liability Insurance to four times the legal requirement level is in place as standard.


Every Thames Rockets skipper are commercially endorsed and are holders of the Thames Local Knowledge Endorsement (LKE) issued by the Port of London Authority. Regularly completing emergency drills, partaking in refresher courses and extra qualification courses are held throughout the year by Thames Rockets. All are fully First Aid trained and hold Sea Survival Certificates.


All Thames Rockets guides are trained to RYA Powerboat Level 2 standard. Crew training days are a staple of the working calendar both internally and with the Wapping River Police and other external operators. First Aid and VHF certificates are held by all crew and regular refresher days are completed.

London Eye and London Bridge City Pier

Thames Rockets is lucky to operate form the two most famous piers on the river – the London Eye Millennium Pier and London Bridge City Pier. Risk Assessments and Codes of Conduct are always in place, along with updated operating procedures.

Being prestigious piers both have equally first class procedures and operations. Any operator using these points must follow all rules and guidelines without exception.

Owned and operated by Merlin Entertainments, The London Eye is located on one of the five piers opened in 2000 as part of the Thames 2000 project funded by the Millennium Commission, servicing commuter and work boats as well as sightseeing operators such as ours. Their second to none security teams and pier managers work closely alongside with our crew, meaning 100% customer safety and comfort is ensured at all times.

Siting just next to HMS Belfast, London Bridge City Pier is tucked neatly by London Bridge. With a wealth of unique shops, bars and restaurants in the nearby Hays Galleria, and the famous Borough Market just a few minutes walk away, the area is a hotspot for both tourists and locals alike. Why not pair your experience with a trip up the Shard for unrivalled views of the City of London?

Sailing jackets and trousers

Sailing Jackets

It’s no secret the Thames can get a bit chilly. That’s why we offer as standard top of the range sailing jackets for each and every passenger. All shapes and sizes are available ensuring that no matter what else you have planned – you will remain warm (and dry!) in our super stylish fleece lined waterproofs.

Sailing Trousers

Designed to fit over whatever you are wearing, our sailing trousers are available upon request. Rarely necessary unless the heavens open, you can still leave the Thames Rockets experience as dry as you arrived!


If the heavens do open we ensure complete comfort on board with our goggles – there to protect your eyes and ensure you see everything no matter what the weather has in store!

Baby Cradle

We are a family sightseeing company so babies are more than welcome. We supply baby life cradles, which completely surround the babies clothing and are very manageable for mum to have on her lap. These are of course fitted by our experienced staff.

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