We Love Lambeth

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Here's our pocket guide to our neighbourhood, that we love, Lambeth. There's more to do than come for a ride with Thames Rockets in SE1! History. Take a tour of Lambeth's murals. Lambeth resident Ruth Miller has done a wonderful thing for London ˆ’ she's set up the London Mural Preservation Society, mapping London's painted walls and campaigning for their preservation. Ruth Miller Mural Look. Garden Museum. The Garden Museum was set up in 1978 in the abandoned St Mary's Church, also the burial place of Britain's first great gardener, John Tradescant. Garden Museum Tradescant was Head Gardener to Charles I and, from his botanical garden in Lambeth, he and his son John introduced many now common plants into the English garden. The museum is a shrine to the design and history of gardens, with three exhibitions a year and a permanent collection of garden ephemera. Eat. Lower Marsh. One of London's oldest and best-loved market streets, Lower Marsh also features some of the capital's most fascinating independent shops. €œI love Lower Marsh I always feel I've discovered something unique€ €œYou get to know the traders, there is a really nice feel about the street€ €œI buy my lunch, dinner and a cake for afters€ Lower Marsh Host a diverse range of Street Food to suit all tastes, from Italian Classics to Sri Lankan Pies there is always a new cuisine to try. A warming lunch on a winter's day or something to kick-start that new healthy diet each Monday to Friday. Alongside daily street food stalls and vans we have regular produce stalls and a variety of guest stalls. Drink. The Understudy. It might not be your classic warm and cosy €˜British Boozer' perched on a river bank, it's located in Sir Denys Lasdun brutalist design masterpiece that is the National Theatre. The Understudy This relaxed and friendly craft beer pub is situated right at the heart of London's vibrant South Bank. The Understudy has riverside seating and serves a range of draught beers, wines and cocktails. And is open seven days a week! Just like Thames Rockets. Shop. Brixton Market. Ok, so it is not quite in Waterloo but it is well worth hopping on the tube or bus and heading south to trendy Brixton and its fantastic market. A hub of colour, music, smell and chatter, Brixton Market is what gives Brixton its buzz. The Granville Arcade now plays host to foodie heaven, with some fantastic new restaurants, but it's the outside market on Electric Avenue that still holds the draw for many. Brixton Market Favourite shops include the Chinese supermarket Wing Tai and Nour Cash & Carry, which is full of cheap vegetables and Middle Eastern delights. Mostly, it's just nice to wander around to your heart's delight.

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