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We know a tour of the Thames with London RIB Voyages is the ultimate way to see London. Whilst zooming down the Thames with us you'll feast your eyes on London's monumental landmarks, from the London Eye to the Houses of Parliament. But all this sightseeing has got us thinking, we know the best way to see London, but what are the best ways to see the rest of the world? So we rounded up our top tips for the best things to see and do when travelling the world, as you do. Floating Cinema, Yao Noi, Thailand This stunning cinema floating on the tranquil waters of Yao Noi, Thailand, has got to be the best way to view any movie. The Archipelago Cinema was created for Thailand's Film on the Rocks Festival. Guests are taken by boat to the glowing raft on the waters of Nai Pi Lae lagoon on Kudu Island for a movie screening like no other. Hopefully they weren't too distracted by the scenery!  Sky Walk, Gand Canyon For those who are a little more adventurous, the Grand Canyon Skywalk is a horseshoe shaped bridge which allows you to walk right over the Grand Canyon. The bridge is made of glass, so don't look down. Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, Sydney The iconic bridge dominates the Sydney skyline, but Sydney Harbour Bridge is not just a thing of beauty, it's also a climbing frame for brave travellers. Stand at the summit of this iconic structure and you'll feast your eyes on inimitable views of the city.  Cheese Rolling, Gloucestershire So maybe you're not feeling so adventurous, but want to celebrate all the weird and wacky pursuits England has to offer? Try cheese rolling. You roll down a hill, after some cheese. You know you want to. Sky Jump & Sky Walk, Sky Tower, New Zealand offers some astounding views over Auckland, but that's not all. Adrenaline junkies can take part in a bit of spine chilling sightseeing with their Sky Jump, and Sky Walk. Crazy people are invited to walk out of the viewing platform, which is 192m up in the sky, to meander around the outside of the building. Really brave/mad people can even jump off.  Tomatina, Buñol If you're not fearless, but you do like tomatoes we've got just the thing for you. The Tomatina festival is a giant tomato fight in the Valencian town of Buñol. The event begins with a man attempting to climb a greasy pole, in the ultimate aim of reaching a ham at the top. When the ham has been reached, the tomato fight can begin. An estimated 150,000 crushed tomatoes are then thrown into waiting crowds. Well it's a bit different...  The Running of the Bulls, Pamplona, Spain This is for the seriously brave amongst you. The ritual dates back to the 14th century, when men would use fear and excitement to hurry their bulls to market, but is now used primarily as a way to scare the wits out of (strangely) willing competitors. Men run though the city streets, chased by a herd of bulls in the desperate hope of reaching the end before the bulls do. If you're willing to give this a go we salute you.  Up at the O2 London's newest tourist attraction transforms the iconic O2 into an adrenaline junkie's paradise.  'Up at the O2' allows participants to take part in an unforgettable expedition across the roof of one of London's most iconic buildings, for a unique perspective on the capital. And to make it a truly unique day of sightseeing you know what we're going to say... you can get there in the quickest, and most exhilarating way possible with London RIB Voyages!

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