Thames Rockets star in The Real Housewives of Jersey!

Published by Maisie Walker 879 days ago

Move out the way girls, there’s a new Real Housewife in town. No, we aren’t talking about a person… we’re talking about A RED ROCKET SPEEDBOAT! 

On Monday 17th January 2022, a new episode of The Real Housewives of Jersey aired on ITVBe and if you haven’t guessed already, Thames Rockets were the stars of the show! 

The four gorgeous gals made their way down to the London Eye Millennium Pier and joined us at Boarding Gate 1 to get prepped for their ultimate speedboat spectacular. 

Margaret, Sarha, Kate and Karen stood in full winter glam (apart from Kate who went rogue with a beautiful dress) as our wonderful guide Geoff helped get them suited and booted for their blast along the Thames. 

Our Skipper Mike started off with a calm tour through the city as the ladies caught up with their usual chat and gossip. However, once they reached Tower Bridge, there was NO stopping Mike! 

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Our red rocket sped through Canary Wharf at 35mph and certainly gave the ladies a thrill ride they will never forget. 

“I’m having a Beyoncé moment!” Screamed Karen as they twisted and turned past iconic London landmarks. 

There were lots of smiles and cheers as we flew across the water and blasted our Thames Rockets trademark medley of feel good classics - there were definitely some questionable dance moves on board.

Once we got back to Tower Bridge, we slowed down and let the housewives have a breather (and also gave them some time to put their eyelashes back in place!) 

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We then dropped them back to the London Eye Pier and Geoff gave them a hand with their life jackets - let’s just say, the ladies were very glad to be back on steady ground! 

Despite this not being their usual speedboat ride, all four ladies had the best time! 

If you haven’t had chance to watch this episode yet, you can catch up now on the ITV Hub by clicking here.

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