From High Powered Meetings to High Speed Adventure - London RIB Voyages & BBC The Apprentice

Published by Thames Rockets 3117 days ago

1.png Wednesday evening was an exciting one for London RIB Voyages as we starred along side Lord Sugar and the contestants of BBC's 'The Apprentice', one of the most watched television shows in the UK. Following the dramatic scenes that unfolded in the boardroom, where Scott left after Lord Sugar's 'constructive criticism' proved too much to handle, three of the contestants - Vana, Richard, and Brett - were awarded an adrenaline-packed trip down the Thames on one of our RIBs after winning this week's challenge. They swapped their suits and ties for our life jackets and waterproofs and took a high-speed journey down the river, hitting speeds of up to 30 knots. Whilst some of the scenes captured on screen were beautiful, they didn't quite match the truly stunning panoramic views of London that you can experience for yourself on board. 5 12 And as if the nerve-racking scenes from the boardroom weren't quite enough, the contestants experienced the hair-raising adventure that our trips provide. We managed to have Vana and Richard on the edge of their seats but Brett, obviously playing up to the camera, tried to remain cool, calm, and collected. 8.png 9.png Our boats are the perfect way to get to and from board meetings, particularly if you're running late and want to avoid London's notoriously busy traffic. If you're feeling truly creative, you can also decide to host your meetings on board! But be warned; you may not be taken very seriously by our professionally trained comedic tour-guides. 3 6 As we did for 'The Apprentice', we can tailor your corporate charter experience on the water. For more information on our trips, you can visit our website or speak to us directly on 020 7928 8933. In the meantime, you can watch the action on the water from this week's episode in the below YouTube clip. Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 14.28.20

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