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Dim the lights and pop the popcorn - here at Thames Rockets we love the movies! It's the 89th Academy Awards Ceremony this Sunday 26th February and to help get you in the Hollywood mood we've €˜popped' together a movie quiz for you all to try your hand at. We've stashed the answers right down at the bottom so no peaking! How many can you get? QUESTIONS 1. Whom has received the most academy award nominations? 2. Modern-day classic 'The Shawshank Redemption' is based on a novel by which author? 3. Who directed 'The King's Speech', 'The Damned United' and 'Les Miserable'? 4. 'Enter the Dragon' was the last film to feature which actor? 5. Which actor has the most academy award wins? 6. Who played Billy the Butcher in the 2002 film 'Gangs of New York'? 7. Which star of the TV drama 'New Tricks' is the uncle of fellow-actor Ewan McGregor? 8. What is the nationality of actor Viggo Mortensen? 9. The 2007 film 'There Will Be Blood' is set in which industry? 10. Which 1997 film staring Mark Wahlberg was known in China as 'His Greatest Device Makes Him Famous'? 11. Which silent movie actor stared in 'The General', 'The Navigator' and 'Sherlock Jr.'? 12. Which New York borough gave its name to the 1979 classic directed by Woody Allen? 13. What is the minimum length a motion picture needs to be to be eligible for the Best Picture Oscar? a. 30 minutes b. 40 minutes c. 50minutes 14. British Director Sam Mendes won an Oscar for his debut feature. What was the film? 15. Which motion picture has scooped the most ever Oscars? Answers below...               No peaking!             ANSWERS 1. Meryl Streep, 20 nominations (3 wins) 2. All Souls Day 3. Chris Evans 4. Bruce Lee 5. Katharine Hepburn, 4 wins, (12 nominations) 6. Daniel Day-Lewis 7. Dennis Lawson 8. American 9. Oil 10. Boogie Nights 11. Buster Keaton 12. Manhattan 13. b. 40 minutes 14. American Beauty 15. Trick question! It's a 3-way tie between Ben-Hur (1959), Titanic (1997) and Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) each one scooped a monster haul of 11 awards! How many did you get guys? Comment back on our Facebook post here and let us know!

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