Thames Rockets Are On An Eco-Friendly Mission!

Published by Maisie Walker 750 days ago

2022 is the year for recovery, the year for success and most importantly, the year for positive environmental change following a turbulent time for tourism, your families and the world. That’s why Thames Rockets are taking the necessary steps to ensure we are as committed to the safety of our planet as we are to your safety onboard. 

Thames Rockets are always on the lookout for ways to become not just the most popular but the most sustainable speedboat operator on the river Thames and now it’s finally time to show you why RED is the new GREEN! 

GTL Fuel 

To reduce local emissions across our fleet, we have switched fully to GTL Fuel (Gas to Liquid). GTL Fuel’s cleaner-burning nature improves combustion properties over conventional diesel which helps to alleviate emissions and contributes to cleaner air quality overall. GTL is also safer to handle, is non-toxic and reduces noise pollution which isn’t just better for the environment, it’s also a great way to improve our crew’s welfare! Although it comes at an increased cost, it smells a lot better and doesn’t stain kit or decks, so for our conscientious and smart team, it’s a win win!  

Efficient Engines

You may think, “smaller engines? Won’t that affect the speed and performance of our speedboat ride?” This is simply not the case, we do the same top speeds as any other experience, leaving the majority bobbing in our wake but with less pollution, less noise and less waste along the way. Our smaller engines are not only more energy efficient but kinder on the ears for customers and crews onboard. Our engines emit less CO2 and reduce pollution across the Thames - all without effecting our award-winning performance, speed and overall passenger excitement. Forget larger more harmful engines, SMALL and POWERFUL is the way forward to a greener future for London.

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Eco Degradable Ponchos

Thames Rockets famously sail whatever the weather and to ensure you’re comfortable on board, we give all customers a complimentary poncho to wear if it rains. However, disposable often equals plastic so we opted instead for eco degradable ponchos, that degrade within months! This means you can enjoy your time on board and stay dry whilst knowing your enjoyment won’t harm the environment. Say goodbye to landfill because the Thames Rockets ponchos disappear as quickly as our speedboats, only the memories live on forever! 

Innovative Waste Sustainability 

The Thames Rockets office work with First Mile who specialise in ‘zero to landfill’ waste collection. Very much like us, First Mile’s mission is to revolutionise business sustainability and as a result, we now have a recycling rate of 94% and have offset 2.88 tonnes of CO2 - this is so incredible that we have now received a Silver Recycling Standard Award!

Paperless Attraction

Thames Rockets have been a paperless attraction since we set sail in 2006. Say goodbye to printed off tickets and save the trees because all our red speedboats need are you, your name and your smiles! Not only does a paperless attraction save you hassle, it also saves the environment - less printing means more trees, less tech and a healthier world.  

As always, this is only the beginning for Thames Rockets. As we maintain our title as original and leading speedboat operator (in not only London but the UK), we are determined to continue reducing emissions, adapting to positive change, and eliminating waste without affecting our five star experiences or your guaranteed enjoyment. With new boats on their way, we remain a step ahead with innovative technology, industry growth and efficiencies within our operation, and so our next generation of rockets will indeed look after our next generations of passengers. 

We can’t wait to have you join us on our eco-friendly mission and enjoy a blast off on a rocket whilst protecting the planet you launched off from. 

Watch this space because it’s time, as RED becomes the new GREEN! 

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