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Published by Thames Rockets 2815 days ago

A stag do should be a day, night or weekend to remember. As there are so many different incredible stag do ideas for London, it's often hard to choose the perfect one for you and your friends. Here at Thames Rockets we understand the struggle of pleasing everyone, therefore we have compiled a list of the best stag do ideas in London. Goofy Games In London Goofy Games live up to their name, a little wild, a little bit off centre and most definitely hilarious. Including 6 incredibly unique games such as Sweeper - imagine Total Wipe Out, but better. Hamster Ball Racing is exactly what it sounds like, hop in to an oversized hamster ball and race around a track. Knock Your Block Off - choose your partner, stand opposite and see who can knock the head off first! Horse Racing Game - experience the thrill of horse racing like never before. Mud Mayhem Mud Mayhem combines 2 adrenaline fuelled activities. Push your driving skills to the max with off road Honda Pilots karts boasting top speeds of 70mph, then once the race is over, it's time to steady your hand and take part in Clay Pigeon shooting. Thames Rockets - Bubble n' Blast Here at Thames Rockets we have combined 2 incredible activities to give you the most unique stag do idea in London. Hop on board one of our speedboats and experience the river Thames like never before, we'll get your heart racing as we rocket down the river at 35mph. Now your adrenaline is pumping, it's time to head over to OXO Tower to take part in Bubble Football - take the beautiful game and add a hilarious twist. Paintballing Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor paintballing, you'll find exactly what you're looking for in London. Gather your men and let the war begin, as two teams battle it out, it truly is survival of the fittest. Will your team come out on top? Treasure Hunts Perfect for the thrill seekers and problem solvers - Thames Rockets have the perfect combination. By teaming up with one of the most popular treasure hunt companies in the capital, it's an experience you'll never forget. Start your quest off on land, armed with an iPad and GPS, you will problem solve and navigate your way through London. When you find yourself at the next destination, hop on board one of our speedboats and rocket down the Thames at 35mph! Is there really any better stag do idea in London? Not ready to call it quits? Why not combine any of the above incredible stag do ideas London has to offer with an unforgettable night on the town? Whether you prefer live music, pubs or clubs, London has it all. For more information on the Stag Do packages we offer, please call 020 7928 8933 or email and one of our advisors will be happy to help.

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