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Published by Rob Dennett 2230 days ago

This Pancake Day we decided to do things a bit differently. Having just started to shift those extra Christmas pounds we thought what better way to celebrate (without entering a food coma) than to meet some friends and explore the best city in the world!

So we called our friends at smallcarBIGCITY who were very keen to get on board, so keen in fact that they challenged us to a guide-off! For those not familiar with this term, the Thames Rockets Dictionary of Excellence state:

Guide-off (Gy-d-off)

The act of putting multiple tour guides into confined settings for fact battles.

We set the date, polished our puns and waited excitedly for the day to arrive.

And it did!

We made our way to the London Eye Pier, donned our coats and life jackets and, as if by magic, we started to hear the growl of the minis on their approach to us.

Upon arrival, we quickly kitted up our guests and got them ready to experience what makes us the number one outdoor attraction in London!

As is London in February, there was a little bit of rain and our guests were unsure of what to expect but I think it’s pretty clear from their faces how much they enjoyed themselves…

After a dazzling tour from Geoff ‘with a G’, an exhilarating ride up to Canary Wharf and a relaxing cruise to take us home, it was time for our satisfied passengers to swap places and show us what they had to offer.

So we quickly de-jacketed and made our way to our respective minis ready to race around the streets of London.

And what a ride it was!

We shot through tunnels, tore round bends and stopped at some of the beautiful landmarks around the City of London.

We even learnt a thing or two as well!

And then, when all was said and done, we were dropped off back to our base to share some last minute laughs before heading back home.

What a day of thrills and sights!

Why not try it for yourself?

We’re pumped, we’re excited and we’re ready. The only question is, are you?

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