Pirates of the Thames Party Packages

Published by Thames Rockets 4340 days ago

Oh the children's birthday party, we remember those well. There were balloons, party bags and soggy chicken nuggets. At some point an ambivalent clown would put in an appearance. We had paper plates and organised fun. Then we sat around to enjoy a game of pass the parcel. It was a fix 100% of the time. Thankfully the children of today don't have to endure such grossly unfair party games, because we've got just the treat for them... the ultimate pirate birthday party. Avast memad jolly scurvy dogs, shiver me timbers, grab yer eye patches and jump aboard for the birthday party of a lifetime. Zoom up the Thames at up to 35 knots at your own exclusive Thames boat party, and remember to keep a keen eye on the horizon, there's buried treasure en route!

Young pirates will delve deep into Maritime history, at speed on board London RIB Voyages! Hold on tight as you scour the river for treasure, and listen up as your guide fills you in on the most gruesome and blood-curdling pirate facts. The Party Package: 'Zoom like true modern day pirates at up to 35 knots as the Thames is eaten up by 400hp engine power' Free goodie bag for all including 'I'm a Thames Pirate' T-shirts, eye patches, party hats, pirate goodies... shiver me timbers, that's sweet trade! 'Souvenir photo and gift for the birthday pirate 'Edible treasure for all me hearties' Bold buccaneers wishing to set sail should arrive suitably attired for piratical daring do!


Our guides are the meanest of pirates to ever command the poop deck and will be dressed in their favourite pirating gear too - Parties tailored to suit pirates, young and old - Great whatever the weather, wet/cold weather gear provided for passengers of all ages and sizes. Our 'Pirates of the Thames' party packages are perfect for any budding pirates out there, and parents will love them too as we'll take over the organisation of the whole event - a hassle free birthday party, who knew it could be done? This just leaves us with one question... Why are pirates called pirates? They just AAAAARRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRR For more information on our pirate party package please click here to visit our website.

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