New Year's Eve 2023 With Thames Rockets

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As the clock struck midnight on the eve of 2023, we embarked on a journey that transcended the ordinary and ventured into the extraordinary. The iconic River Thames, usually a silent witness to the pulse of London, became the stage for an exhilarating spectacle as we hosted an unforgettable New Year's Eve 2023 experience aboard our red rocket speedboats! Let us take you on a voyage through the highlights of this extraordinary celebration, a night where Thames Rockets took our passengers on a journey full of excitement, magic and nostalgia, and left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who joined us.

What is included in our Thames Rockets New Year’s Eve experience? 

  • Front row seats on the river Thames to the London Eye New Year’s Eve fireworks display 
  • A mini night-time tour of London to see the dazzling winter lights 
  • A special snack selection chosen by Thames Rockets 
  • Refreshments (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) 
  • A throwback playlist of the year 
  • Blankets to keep you warm 

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New Year’s Eve 2023 With Thames Rockets: 

As London buzzed with New Year’s Eve anticipation, our fleet of red rocket London speedboats, sleek and powerful, waited eagerly to welcome our excited passengers. The atmosphere was charged with London New Year’s Eve buzz as passengers boarded at Bankside Pier, their faces reflecting a shared sense of wonder and intrigue. This was not just a boat ride; it was an invitation to witness London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks in a way that completely defied expectations… front row seats to the biggest event in London!

From the moment our passengers hopped on our red rocket London speedboats, to the final exhilarating seconds of the year, we aimed to create a celebration that would linger in their minds and memories long after the fireworks had faded - and we did just that! 

As the engines roared to life, and our skippers pulled away from Bankside Pier, we made our way up stream to see some of London’s most famous landmarks including: The London Eye, The Houses of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and many more. Blankets, snacks and drinks at the ready, we took our guests on a magical night time tour of London to see the landmarks dressed elegantly in the stunning London Christmas lights. Our professional actor/comedian guides were on hand to cater to every need, telling tales of London’s past whilst pouring that all important bubbly - all in preparation for the main event. 

As we cruised through the city of London, our passengers dived into their tasty treats and refreshments box full of delicious snacks to keep them going throughout the night - paired with an iconic playlist of classic 2023 tunes to top off the evening. 

Once our London speedboats had finished the mini night time tour of London, we made our way to the prime viewing spot for the main event. Just next to the London Eye, we treated our passengers to a front-row seat to this spectacular display, a panoramic view that encapsulated the very essence of London’s New Year’s Eve celebration. Thousands of people began to line the river bank whilst the other London vessels joined us, all eagerly waiting for the most incredible spectacle of the year. 


As the clock ticked down to midnight and Big Ben got ready for its extra special yearly appearance, the excitement aboard the Thames Rockets was unmatched. The energy was incredible, the anticipation electric. The final seconds of 2023 were met with cheers and laughter - all building up to the 2023 London Eye New Year’s Eve fireworks. 

And then it happened – the sky erupted in a dazzling array of colours, a symphony of lights and sounds that marked the birth of a new year. We strategically positioned our red rocket speedboats to capture the impressive light show filling the night sky. All passengers looked up in awe to see the sky full of sparkles as London welcomed 2023 in unparalleled style. 

As the fireworks flew up into the sky, strangers and friends alike marvelled at the breathtaking display, connected by the shared awe inspired by the vibrant explosions overhead. After years of watching the world famous London Eye New Year’s Eve fireworks on the TV, seeing this spectacle in real life is truly a once in a lifetime experience that cannot be missed. 

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Thames Rockets New Year's Eve experience was the sense of community that blossomed among passengers. Strangers became companions, connected by the shared adventure and the collective gasps as each firework exploded in the sky. 

Couples celebrated their love, friends toasted to shared memories, and families embraced the magic of the moment. Thames Rockets had not only provided a front-row seat to London's grandest show but had also become a vessel for the creation of lasting memories.

As the final echoes of the fireworks faded, we came together with the other vessels and the thousands that lined the riverbanks to sing Auld Lang Syne - a truly magical moment that will never be forgotten. 

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Once the celebrations had come to an end, we headed back, but the journey was not over - it was just beginning! Once we had reached Bankside Pier, it was now time for our passengers to go their separate ways and carry on celebrating into the early hours. 

New Year’s Eve 2023 - another successful, incredible and awe inspiring evening full of celebration, cheer, laughter and joy! Once finished, it was time to put our speedboats to sleep for the night and get ready for another year of thrills, spills and adventure! 

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