Mother's Day Special

Published by Rob Dennett 2233 days ago

It’s that time of year when we all do everything we can to let our Mums know just how special they are. And rightly so!

It’s widely believed that Mother’s Day was created as a way of getting us to spend our hard earned cash but that’s actually not the case. Celebrations on Mothering Sunday date all the way back to the ancient Greeks who held lavish festivals to celebrate the maternal goddess, Rhea.

Mother’s Day as we know it though is said to be because of Anna Jarvis, an American activist from the 19th Century who tirelessly campaigned to secure a day to celebrate Mothers in all their glory. So next time you’re manically running around countless card shops trying to find the right one, you know who to blame…

Everyone has their own way of celebrating with their lovely Mum but here are a few of the common traditions across the globe:


The children commonly sell plastic flowers in the preceding weeks to raise enough money to take their Mum on a trip. N’awwww.


In late May there is a nationwide festival called ‘Dia de las Madres’, which roughly translates to ‘Day of the Mothers’. To take part, people all across the country dress up in bright colours and shower their lovely Mum with gifts.

(Oh Geoff…)


Mother’s Day falls on the same day as Buddha’s birthday so the whole country celebrates with huge street parties and celebrations


Probably the most bizarre of them all is Yugoslavia where it is the custom for children to creep into their Mum’s bedroom and tie her up! She is then only allowed to be released when she is able to produce gifts for all of her children. Don’t worry, it’s all a bit of fun!

Here at Thames Rockets, we like to celebrate by running our exclusive Mother’s Day Dash experience.

Our charming crew will pull out all the stops, settling Mum in for the ride of her life! She’ll be treated with a unique ‘Thames Rockets take’ of the iconic sights of London, delivered with all the flair and wit that our guiding team has become famous for. Plenty of photos and memories along the way – our guides will ensure you get that perfect snap to cherish forever (and probably take a cheeky selfie at the same time!).

That is just for starters – once past Tower Bridge, it’s time to turn up the heat and dust off those cobwebs! Our first class skipper team will take over and propel you and your beloved Mum away from all the stresses and strains of day to day life. Whoop and whizz around the Docklands and Canary Wharf, twisting and turning on your madcap Mother’s Day mission. Feel the wind in your hair and grin from cheek to cheek as we whip up the waves just for you, and with a classic feel-good themed playlist just for her, this is Mother’s Day, Rocket style!

Tickets are selling fast so what are you waiting for? Book now!

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