London RIB Voyages Loves... Epic Pumpkin Carving

Published by Thames Rockets 1973 days ago

Ah, the pumpkin. Could it be the most wonderful thing about Halloween? We're prepared to say that yes, despite stiff competition from tricks, treats and fancy dress outfits this brilliant, seasonal veggie is our favourite part of these spooky festivities. And this is why. villafane-pumpkin-carving-squeeze The pumpkin is something of an artist's canvas, and some people have really been taking the art of pumpkin carving to the next level, creating truly remarkable pieces of pumpkin for their Halloween celebrations. This, readers, is epic pumpkin carving. villafane-pumpkin-carving-knockout New Yorker Ray Villafane and his Sculpting Family are superstars of the pumpkin-carving world, creating some of the most spooktacular pumpkin carvings we've ever seen. Take a look at more of their work here. rotting-zombie-pumpkin-carving-villafane Chris Soria and Marc Evan of Manic Pumpkins use their pumpkins to create intricate portraits and replicas of famous works of art, using linoleum cutters (very professional). maniac-pumpkins-4900_vert Even Martha Stewart loves a bit of pumpkin carving. On her website she'll give you a step-by-step guide of how to create fanged pumpkins. vampire-pumpkin-how-1011mld106876_vert Or, if you don't fancy yourself as much of a pumpkin-carver you could give pumpkin decorating a try. Lacy adornments can transform the ugliest of pumpkins into the belle of the spooky ball. mscrafts-hlwn-pmknsleeve_vert You could just use the pumpkin to put beers in too, if you like. ft_oct05msl07_xl We bet you're feeling suitably inspired now, so why not give the pumpkin carving a try - we'd love to see your efforts! Just tweet us with your pumpkin pics, or show us on Facebook. We're expecting great things...

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