Immersive Ensemble: Our Review

Published by Thames Rockets 2820 days ago

On a late Friday afternoon as the sun began to set across the city we sent 'Greege' our Marketing Manager out with a pal to see what all the fuss around Immersive Ensemble's brand new show 'The Drop Off' was all about. Below are his thoughts on his first immersive experience, a phenomenon currently taking the London performance industry by storm. €œMy friend and I received a mystery call and some emails letting us know we've been 'hired for the job', instructions followed and our meeting location, time, dress code and identifying colour were all passed to us as we eagerly awaiting show time. As we waited (slightly nervously) for our first contact to well, contact us, we were joined by two more people with the same identifying colours, this became our team. There's now four of us, we must surely be the A-team! Or the Avengers?! Or the Fantastic 4 - ok maybe the first two more successful franchises.... Immersive Ensemble Someone who initially appears to be an 'out of towner' approaches us at haste, we're presented €˜the kit' we'll need for the show plus instructions to launch into €œACTION.€ Without wanting to go into too much details in order to prevent #spoilers, we now enter a 90 minute nonstop whirlwind adventure. We're given directions but have to take control, snap surveillance photos, follow our leads, meet shifty contacts, negotiate with gangsters and much more as we move through the €˜scenes' and streets of London, all the while aware that we're racing against the €˜real-time' clock. Be prepared for a few sideways glances along the way but ultimately be prepared to be immersed as reality collides with the imagination. You'll be swept along with and taken in by the story you are really, truly playing a part in and watching unfold not just in front of you but all around you, your decisions and steps assisting the Immersive Ensemble show unfold. Then when you think you've seen it all along comes the thrilling finale fit to rival any modern spy or sleuth movie ending possibly supplied by yours truly or possibly not. Immersive Ensemble 2 You'll be on an enormous set featuring a cast of millions, take in and use iconic London landmarks and get to pause for a little drink or two along the way. If you have ever been to any immersive style theatre you will love this, and if you haven't... What are you waiting for? Guaranteed to be one of the best starts to your weekend and will definitely leave you wanting more, impatiently awaiting the next season from €˜The Immersive Ensemble.' To be hired for Immersive Ensemble - 'The Drop Off' CLICK HERE - if you dare.

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