February Half Term 2024: Things To Do In London With Kids

Published by Maisie Walker 144 days ago

As the half term break approaches, families in London are on the lookout for exciting and memorable activities to create lasting memories with their loved ones. One thrilling and unique experience that stands out is a red rocket speedboat experience with Thames Rockets! Keep reading to explore what our Thames Rockets London speedboat experiences have to offer during half term and why it’s the perfect activity for families in the heart of London. 

When is half term February 2024? 

The February half term in London begins on Friday 9th February 2024 and ends on Friday 16th February 2024 - these dates can vary depending on where you are located in the United Kingdom.  

Things to do this February Half-term 2024 in London: 

Thames Rockets offers an exhilarating London speedboat experience that will take your family on a high-speed journey down the iconic river Thames! Imagine the wind in your hair, the stunning London skyline as your backdrop, and the adrenaline pumping through your veins. This half-term, give your family the gift of a unique adventure that combines speed, sightseeing, and sheer excitement! 

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London sightseeing: 

London is known for its iconic landmarks, and what better way to experience them than from the water? Thames Rockets are giving you the chance to take your family on a high-speed sightseeing tour, offering unparalleled views of famous attractions like the Tower of London, the Shard, and the London Eye! This half-term, treat your family to a unique perspective of London’s most iconic landmarks, creatives memories that will certainly last a lifetime. 

Family time at its finest: 

Thames Rockets isn’t just about speed and sightseeing’ it’s also about creating long lasting memories with your family! The shared excitement, laughter, and awe-inspiring moments on board foster a sense of togetherness. In a city as bustling as London, this experiences really does provide a unique opportunity for families to connect and enjoy each other’s company during the February half term break. 

Find out which half-term London activities are on offer with Thames Rockets this February:

1. The Ultimate London Adventure:

Looking for an all round half term family activity with the perfect blend of sightseeing, thrills, spills and family bonding time? Well you’ve come to the right place! The Thames Rockets Ultimate London Adventure experience has all of that and more! Hop aboard our Thames Rockets London speedboats at the London Eye for a 50 minute thrilling experience you will certainly never forget.  

What’s included? 

  • 50 minute speedboat experience 
  • A guided tour courtesy of our professional comedian/actor guides
  • An open top, panoramic view of London’s most iconic landmarks including: The London Eye, The Houses of Parliament, The Shard, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and many more! 
  • A 35mph blast through Canary Wharf paired with a playlist to get you grooving in your seats 

This experience is suitable for all ages and there is no minimum age restriction. 


2. Break the Barrier

This one’s for the big kids (and the big kids at heart!) - join Thames Rockets for an all speed adventure that is guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping! This all speed blast begins at Bankside Pier, right next to Shakespeares globe and includes 45 minutes of pure speed all the way from Bankside to the Thames Barrier and back! 

What’s included? 

  • A 45 minute all speed experience 
  • An open-top panoramic view of Canary Wharf, Greenwich and the world famous Thames Barrier
  • A 35mph blast through Canary Wharf, past the O2 arena and Royal Naval College and through the Thames Barrier

This experience is recommended for this aged 10+ 


3. Thames Barrier Explorer’s Voyage: 

This is our all-round, action packed London activity full off ALL the sights, ALL the speeds and the very best from our actor/comedian tour guides! Begin your journey at the London Eye Pier and prepare to be whisked away by our professional skippers all the way from the iconic London Eye to the Thames Barrier and back! This is an 80 minute London activity you will certainly never forget. 

What’s included? 

  • An 80 minute London speedboat experience 
  • A guided tour courtesy of our professional actor/comedian guides
  • An extended speed section all the way from Tower Bridge to the Thames Barrier and back 
  • 35mph speeds 
  • An open-top, panoramic view of all the London landmarks between the London Eye and the Thames Barrier  

This experience is suitable for all ages and there is no minimum age restriction.


Something for the adults this Valentine’s Day in London

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the adults! Join us for our adults only, Ultimate Speed Date sunset speedboat experience to witness stunning sunsets and incredible views! This sunset London experience is perfect for those looking for a quirky Valentine’s experience in London. Enjoy a 50 minute experience full of: 35mph speeds, stunning sunsets, a romantic on board playlist, complimentary drink from our partner 6 O’Clock gin and treats! 

What’s included? 

  • A 50 minute London speedboat experience at sunset 
  • A guided tour courtesy of our professional actor/comedian guides 
  • A 35mph speed section through Canary Wharf 
  • A complimentary drink courtesy of our new partner 6 O’Clock Gin 
  • A chance to experience London at night time as you come back to the London Eye in the dark 

 This experience is adults only (18+)


Click here to find out more about our London Valentine’s Day activity. 

Thames Rockets are revved up and ready to offer a unique and thrilling experience for everyone this half term, combining speed, sightseeing, and bonding moments in the heart of London. Whether you choose the all round experience, our all-speed experience or you’re looking for a little bit of romance on Valentine’s Day, Thames Rockets has it all!

Make this London February half term unforgettable for your family with Thames Rockets, a safe and exciting activity that captures the essence of London’s iconic landmarks. 

Book your adventure today and embark on a journey of excitement, learning, and family fun along the historic river Thames. 

Are you ready to experience London’s #1 activity this February half term 2024? 

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