Father's Day Treats

Published by Thames Rockets 2923 days ago

Father's, Dad's, Pops, Pa, the Old Man, they go by many names but each one is a super hero, so this Father's Day don't give him that giant Toblerone (other geometric confectionary are available) why not treat him to an adventure worthy of a super hero? A high-speed Rocket blast along the Thames. Ok, so we know Father's Day is not quite a real, 100% legit, bona fide celebration BUT Dad's do deserve rewards don't they? Our action packed thrill ride will have him feeling like he's having a boys-own adventure. Our 'Break the Barrier' adrenaline voyage is the perfect adventure for big, and little, kids. Launched in 2013 and now re-vamped and revved up for 2016, departing from St. Katharine's Pier in the shadow of the iconic Tower Bridge, we rocket you up through the high speed zone of the river Thames, with the sights whizzing by and our sound-track turned up. And it's got to be better than a large bar of angular confectionary again?

Don't just take our word for it though...

'One of the best 10 things to do in the UK' - Sunday Times

'We had a perfect trip on the Thames in one of these speedboats and it was so much fun. It was extraordinary and very fast' - Trip Advisor (One of our 4056 5 out 5 reviews...)

'By the time I got back, my only thought was to do it again' - The Guardian

Still not sure it's the perfect Father's Day gift? Well the boffins at our Thames Rockets Test Lab have worked hard and come up with a, fairly, scientific comparison of Confectionary vs. Speed Boating

Father's Day

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