Blind Date & Thames Rockets

Published by Thames Rockets 2553 days ago

Blind Date is back! Have you not seen or heard the news?! The famous 80s, 90s and 00s dating show has returned to our screens in a shower of love hearts and roses! cilla460 Amazingly, the show makes its romantic reappearance after an unbelievable 14 years off the air. During its original run the show aired 373 regular episodes and 11 specials across 19 series between 1986 and 2002, hosted of course by the wonderful Cilla Black. At its peak the show had over 18 million viewers! thames rockets blind date 01 Sadly Cilla passed away in 2012 but the rebooted show is hosted by her close friend Paul O'Grady. thames rockets blind date So why are we so excited that Blind Date is back? Well once again Thames Rockets have helped make a little TV magic happen, this time for one of the series love-struck couples. We took our pair, Emily and Tyrell, out on the Thames with dashing guide David for our classic experience, 'The Ultimate London Adventure', and there were a 'lorra-lorra laughs'. 1 The dream-daters enjoyed a fantastic guided tour through the heart of our wonderful city. Then as usual once under Tower Bridge it was time to sort the men from the boys and ladies from the girls with a white knuckle ride on the river's 'High Speed Zone'. This really is the best (and fastest) 'speed date' in town. 8 So how did the date go? Was it a 'king of the world' whirlwind romance worthy of 'Titanic', or was the date doomed to end in tragedy with an 'iceberg dead ahead'? Well we're (legally!) not allowed to tell you, you'll have to wait until the show airs to see if a 'Thames Rockets Speed-Date' could add that little extra magic to your next date night. thames rockets speed date **Hint it does!**

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