Armistice Day Flotilla

Published by Thames Rockets 3136 days ago

On Wednesday 11th November we took part in an Armistice Day Act of Remembrance on the Thames, led by Havengore. Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.58.29 td9hpC5jtrVJMM15fUwIva33gMcy7vIPLWOq3Dp48AM The flotilla departed St Katharine's Pier at 10:10am, and together with its escort of other vessels, including London RIB Voyages boats, it travelled up the Thames to the East of Tower Bridge. Mz57a0Cl_fwf4cSB_gtu0e4K3y4snNmSCkrc5BvRyLI Once the flotilla had arrived, the bridge was lifted and two pipers piped the procession upriver. Click the Instagram post below to see our video of the day's events. IMG_0383 Of course we weren't travelling at our usual hair-raising speeds - for this event all boats travelled along the river at 4 knots, giving the public plenty of opportunity to see the vessels as they moved along the river past the Palace of Westminster. BUlwnLkYweEW5c7Fw9SmdApbFc5jFBwIhnaYROHip4o Then, the vessels continued on to the south bank of the river, with Havengore in the centre of the group. A religious service began at 10:55am on the aftdeck of Havengore, conducted by the Rev. Roger Hall. This service was audible to all vessels in the vicinity and onlookers at Albert Embankment. F1PnU56ENvgxZVBZ-O8ZpEjgCcR0_tiD8ISyIWncWHQ As Big Ben struck 11am a two-minute silence was observed, with the Havengore marking its end with the sound of its horn. Following the silence, the service continued for another 20 minutes, and was ended with two Alabare veterans dropping a wreath of poppies into the water from on board Havengore.

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