A Spring Surprise!

Published by Thames Rockets 2573 days ago

This year, Thames Rockets will be pulling out all the stops to make your speedboat ride the most exhilarating one yet! New soundtracks, new kit, even some new faces guiding you through London all add to the freshest, fastest, funniest ride on the river. Not only that, but this year we are introducing our newest, coolest, out of this world experience. We are all set to dive, dive, dive with the latest addition to our awesome fleet of Rockets! Thames Rockets Sub We've conquered life above the Thames for over a decade (11 years at the end of April in fact!). However what about the other half of the river, the half you don't see? Scroll down to find a sneaky, behind the scenes tour of our new Rocket Sub!                                    


Sorry everyone, sadly we won't be exploring the (VERY) murky world below the surface of the Thames anytime soon. Or will we...?

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