90 Years of Tauck

Published by Thames Rockets 3164 days ago

We've been welcoming Tauck's guests onto our speedboats since Monday 7th June 2010, and this year the company celebrates its 90th anniversary. London was basking in summer sunshine as guests stepped aboard and waited for the adventure to begin. And a new first-class partnership was born. Since that day, we have been showing Tauck guests how we do sightseeing this side of the pond! Tauck is a global exploration company based in America, which enables Americans to discover new places and new experiences. Our speedboat trips are a very popular part of their €œCastles & Kings: London To Paris€ tour. LRV_Summer2014_JPerugia-6405 To recognize Tauck's 90th anniversary, Tauck Directors will be offered extra funds to celebrate on-tour with guests. It will be a €œParty Around The World€ as Tauck Directors make arrangements in destinations across the globe for celebratory festivities, such as a special toast, cake, or cocktail party. The company has launched a Tauck Time Capsule to commemorate the event, a special online space where guests can capture and share stories and photos from Tauck's past nine decades. Just go to timeline.tauck.com to take a look. Tauck's history dates back to 1882, when Herman Tauck arrived in New York City from Germany in search of the American dream. His son, Arthur Tauck Sr., would realize that dream with ingenuity and an innovative spirit, starting Tauck Motor Tours - a travel company that would give birth to a new industry - at age 27 with a first tour through the backroads of New England in 1925. It embodied the same successful formula used by Tauck today: do the right thing. Craft a life enriching travel experience; provide it at a single all-inclusive price; ensure there is great value for money; and rely on recommendations of satisfied customers to build a following and grow the business. LRV_Summer2014_JPerugia-6415 Over the next 90+ years - and three generations of Taucks - the scope of destinations served and the variety of modes of travel would grow dramatically. Today, with six brands and more than 140 trips across seven continents, Tauck delivers life-enriching travel experiences to every corner of the globe, incorporating small cruise ships, premium riverboats, trains, helicopters and more... plus exclusive content through ongoing partnerships with filmmaker Ken Burns and BBC Earth. We've loved every moment of showing Tauck guests the sights of London, travelling at an exhilarating 30 knots to Greenwich and back with our handpicked award-winning guides on hand to keep the banter flowing. There really is no better way to enjoy the wonders of the capital. We pick groups up from one top tourist attraction, the Tower of London, before getting the adrenaline pumping on the Thames! LRV_Summer2014_JPerugia-6417 Every one of our guests gets to see all the sights of iconic London landmarks from the river, including Tower Bridge and Houses of Parliament, before disembarking at the world famous London Eye for a 'flight' - and more show-stopping views of London! As soon as those first Tauck guests arrived we all knew we were onto a good thing, and it seems we were right. This year marks Tauck's 90th anniversary - we look forward to many more memorable trips with you all! LRV_Summer2014_JPerugia-6421 Find out more about Tauck here.

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