2017 Boat Race

Published by Thames Rockets 2672 days ago

The days are getting warmer and the evenings are lighter. There's a touch of spring in the air and here at Thames Rockets we are gearing ourselves up for yet another bumper season ahead. Our kit is all new for 2017 and our Rockets are looking shinier and younger than ever, our top guides are warmed up and ready to entertain and our skippers are fired up and raring for action! We'd love to say all of this is for the approaching Easter holidays (one of our favourite times of year!) but we confess there may be another agenda on the cards... For the last eight years we've always considered the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race to mark the start of our €˜super season', and whilst we always do our best to present ourselves to the highest standard whatever the time of year, this auspicious occasion is deserving of a turnout of the highest calibre. So this year we will once again be donning our Sunday best and proudly taking part in the world famous rowing race on Sunday 2nd April 2017. boat race coure thames rockets We have provided vessels for the boat race for eight consecutive years, following the competing vessels closely behind along the entire four mile course, providing unrivalled and truly special views of this world famous occasion. It really is one of the most special events on the river, and we love waving at the quarter of a million supporters and fans lining the river Thames. For those of you attending the banks on the stretch from Putney to Mortlake be sure to wave back when you see us! For those of you who can't make it to the actual event, the competition is broadcast live on the BBC to over fifteen million viewers across the world, and we'll be waving down the lens to you too! thames rockets boat race 4 As always, we wish the very best of luck to the two teams competing on the day. The women's race is scheduled for 4:35PM and the men's race at 5:35PM. Currently the score line for the women's race is Oxford: 30, Cambridge: 41. For the men's it is more of a nail-biting Oxford: 79, Cambridge: 82. Who knows... by 2020 Oxford may take the men's race lead! If they do Thames Rockets will be sure to witness it live on the river, looking as sparkly and shinier than ever! For more information on The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race visit the official website here http://theboatraces.org. Of course, we'll give you a full run down of our super Sunday with all the inside info! Screenshot_2016-03-27-16-35-05

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