Tall Ships Regatta & Fireworks

Last week saw a very special event return to the Thames.

The Tall Ships Regatta elegantly sailed into town, with over 30 beautiful Tall Ships making their presence known from Woolwich to Wapping.

The Regatta was the ceremonial start to a race that celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation, and offers a fantastic opportunity for young people to get on-board, with no mobile phones or modern devices, and spend a few months working as real crewmen – climbing the rigging, hoisting the sails – everything that is involved in the safe passage of a classic Tall Ship.

Sounds idyllic, although we at Thames Rockets have our feet very much in the modern world so we had our phones at the ready to capture some amazing images!



The ships were offering sailings from Woolwich, through the Thames Barrier and all the way past Greenwich to Wapping and back, giving passengers the opportunity to explore these grand masters at work.


Of course – all Thames Rockets passengers who were booked over Easter were lucky enough to get up close and personal throughout the weekend, with plenty of waving taking place (our arms still hurt…).


Each evening, a special fireworks display took place at Greenwich at 21:15. Always keen to be in on the action, Thames Rockets laid on special night time trips giving passengers the chance to watch the dazzling displays from the water, all with a high speed blast thrown in for good measure – we even served cocktails on board to add even more class!


Our Tall Ships and Fireworks experience was an instant hit as soon as it went on sale, selling out in a matter of hours. Over 100 passengers joined us over three days for a very special ‘after dark’ experience, with cocktails made especially by the renowned London Cocktail Company served on board. It was an awe-inspiring display, as our speedboats watched within a group of Tall Ships – it really was old meets new.


The next time the Tall Ships sail into town we’ll be there again, so be sure to join us on this truly unique adventure.

Speedboats + Fireworks + Cocktails + Tall Ships

Now why didn’t we think of that before…?